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Adaptive Robotic Manufacturing

powered by 3D vision & AI

Automate your high-mix and highly variable manufacturing processes

Stay competitive and mitigate the impact of labor shortages 

Increase Flexibility

Eliminate the need for repeatable fixturing

Enhance Autonomy

Reduce robot programming efforts

Reduce Risk

No capital commitment with Robot-as-a-Service model


Adaptive Trimming
(fiberglass, composites, plastics)


Waterjet Trimming


Adaptive Welding

Sample Projects

Certification and Compliance

Certificate of Authorization from Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba


Machine safety & electrical systems compliance


On-demand technical support

We understand the impact of machine downtime on our customers' operations. We strive to provide same-day technical support.

We would love to hear about your automation plans

Not sure where to start? Book a free consultation meeting with our team.

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