All-inclusive 3D vision system for robot guidance


Automate your high-mix and non-repetitive processes with TGuide

Stay competitive and mitigate the impact of labor shortages by automating your slow and labor-intensive processes.


Increase Flexibility

Eliminate the need for repeatable fixturing using automated part identification and 3D localization.


Enhance Autonomy

Reduce robot programming efforts by automatically guiding your robot with 3D vision.

bin picking.png

Maximize Efficiency

Increase throughput, eliminate bottlenecks, and free up your workers' time with automation.


One technology. Many applications.

Whether you are trying to pick up small parts from a bin or perform sanding on a large panel, our TGuide 3D vision system can automatically locate parts and guide your robot.

Material Removal
(trimming, deburring,...)

Material Processing
(polishing, sanding, ...)

Material Handling

Bin-Picking and Feeding

Outstanding performance. Easy to integrate.

We employ state-of-the-art 3D colored cameras along with our proprietary software to offer the highly reliable and easy-to-integrate vision systems for automated part localization and robot guidance.

Not sure how to integrate 3D vision?
We can help!

If you are an integrator already familiar with vision systems, you can easily deploy our solutions. We will provide on-demand technical support to help you along the way.

Would you like us to take full responsibility for the integration and functionality of the vision system? No problem. You deploy the robot cell and we will equip it with 3D vision.

On-demand technical support before and after deployment

We understand the impact of machine downtime on our customers' operations. We strive to provide same-day technical support.


Certificate of Authorization from Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba


Certified programmers for KUKA and ABB robots


We would love to hear about your automation plans

Not sure where to start? Book a meeting with our team. We will help assess your application.