Vision Solutions

We integrate 2D and 3D vision solutions to automate robotic applications such as part localization and feature extraction.  Our solutions make robots more adaptable to changes.

Vision-Guided Programming

Simplify robot programming efforts for highly-variable, low-volume parts. Automatically locate parts and extract features for applications such as deburring, countersinking, welding, and many more with our vision solutions. Do you work with parts with a wide range of tolerances? Our automatic error compensation methods can account for errors in part dimension and position to produce high accuracy parts every time.

Material Handling


Our patent-pending material handling solution takes your robot programs to the next level. Combined with advanced algorithms and sensors, we bring flexibility to your production line. With this new technology, there will be no need for the time-consuming fixturing of parts in different robot operations. Your robot will adapt itself in the 6-DoF space to interact with any arbitrary part placement.


3D Scan 
& Part Verification

3D icon.png

We equip your robots with advanced 3D vision sensors for part verification and inspection. Our advanced algorithms collect and assemble high-resolution point cloud data from parts. Along with our custom 3D data analysis solutions, we provide a dense flow of information from your production line.




Our AI-Powered vision solutions unlock highly complex inspection tasks that cannot be achieved with traditional image processing methods. We make image processing 10X faster by implementing Deep Learning models. Our algorithms can learn complex processes and make your production line robust against environmental changes.



2D & 3D Vision

Combining 2D & 3D vision sensors with advanced processing algorithms, TetraGen provides dynamic Pick and Place solutions for production lines. We enable robots to quickly localize and categorize products on conveyor belts. Our advanced point cloud processing methods allow robots to solve new and more complex problems in your industry.