Robot Integration

Our robot solutions will improve quality, productivity, and most importantly, eliminate potential human-related safety incidents. From start to finish, TetraGen will work with you to ensure your automation needs are met.

Cell Calibration


Eliminate the mismatch between simulation and the actual robot cell with an accurate cell calibration. Using state of the art laser equipment, TetraGen can ensure your robotic solution will function as expected without manual fine tuning.


Robot Programming


We understand the importance of planning and verification prior to robot installation. Using industrial software, TetraGen can design robotic cells, perform reach analysis, and ensure all programs run as expected before deploying on the physical robot. TetraGen has in-house robot programmers for both ABB and KUKA robots.


Sensor Integration

From simple sensors to complex systems, TetraGen can integrate third-party sensors into your robotic solution. TetraGen has advanced expertise in developing custom interfaces and communication between external sensors and industrial robots. Whether it be for added safety, improved accuracy, or more efficient quality control, third party sensors expand your robotic capabilities that far surpass available solutions.


End-of-Arm Tooling


Integrate proven off-the-shelf products for common applications or work with our team to design custom solutions for your specific application. From concept to fabrication, TetraGen is experienced in providing advanced designs that will get the job done right. Custom solutions are always designed with functionality, cost, and ease of maintenance in mind.