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All-inclusive 3D vision system for part localization & robot guidance

Powered by state-of-the-art 3D color cameras and advanced processing software, TGuide solves your automation challenges.


Unmatched performance powered by high quality hardware and advanced processing software.


3D point cloud makes the system robust against lighting and environmental changes.

Easy to Integrate

Included hardware and software can communicate directly with your robot, PLC, or IPC.

Specifications of Integrated Camera

Zivid specs.png

* Camera accuracy (trueness) values are lower. Achievable accuracy in part localization depends on the application. Contact us for details.


How it Works

PC image.png

Advanced vision processing algorithms and AI models

In most applications, we are able to perform part localization directly based on captured color point clouds without relying on training-intensive AI methods. Where needed, we employ our proprietary AI models to further enhance the functionality of our solutions.

3D color point clouds

Color 3D cameras are state-of-the-art machine vision sensors that combine 3D captures ("point clouds") with 2D color images of the scene. This means that in addition to XYZ coordinates, each point in the 3D capture is associated with its color. The combination of 3D & color data allows us to perform advanced vision processing algorithms, making our system high-performing and robust.


Integration Framework

Option 1: Integration via PLC (robot agnostic)

TGuide will automatically write the 6-DOF pose (XYZABC) of the part (target) to pre-defined tags within the PLC. The robot controller can read the tags and update the work frame within the robot program.


* Other PLC brands may be supported. Contact us for details.

Option 2: Direct integration with robot

In pick and place applications, TGuide will automatically send the target pose (XYZABC) to the robot controller. In continuous path applications such as sanding, TGuide updates the work frame in the robot controller based on the detected 6-DOF pose of the workpiece.

via robot.png

** KUKA and ABB robots are supported. Integration with other robot brands may be considered. Contact us for details.


Software Interface

Live production view

TGuide can show a live feed of color images and 3D point clouds captured by the camera. Vision processing results such as detected parts and calculated targets are also shown to help the user monitor the process.

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