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Custom Solutions

Can't find an off-the-shelf robot vision system to meet your needs?

As a spin-off company from a robot vision research laboratory, we occasionally accept custom development projects tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Typical timeline: 3-4 months.


AI-Powered Visual Inspection

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3D Inspection &
Part Verification 

AI Inspection

Visual Inspection


Our AI-powered vision solutions unlock highly complex inspection tasks that cannot be achieved with traditional image processing methods. We make image processing 10x faster by implementing Deep Learning models. Our algorithms can learn complex processes and make your production line robust against environmental changes.

3D scan

3D Inspection 
& Part Verification

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We equip your robots with advanced 3D vision sensors for part verification and inspection. Our proprietary algorithms collect and assemble high-resolution point cloud data from parts. Along with our custom 3D data analysis solutions, we provide a dense flow of information from your production line.

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